Tramontina Low & Slow Knife Set with Pouch


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Product Description

The Tramontina Low & Slow Knife Set with Pouch includes 3 knives, a sharpener, and pouch:

  • Tramontina Low & Slow Brisket Slicer 12 Inch - a sharpened, scalloped blade, which allows expert slices of brisket, ham and roasts in one stroke
  • Tramontina Low & Slow Carving Knife 10 Inch - precision curved and sharpened to carve perfect slices with ease
  • Tramontine Low & Slow Boning Knife 6 Inch - features a narrow blade and sharpened point, it easily prepares fish, poultry and meat
  • Tramontina Low & Slow Sharpener 10 Inch - the best way to keep your knives exceptionally sharp
  • Tramontina Pouch - made from nylon. Holds up to 6 items and features a useful carry strap

Low & Slow knives are made from high carbon German stainless steel and have a sharper angle edge, meaning they slice through various cuts of meat with ease. The handles are molded around the blade creating a gap free zone, and are Microban protected which prevents bacteria from growing. In addition, the handles are ergonomically designed to sit comfortably in the hand, which prevents fatigue and improves your cooking experience.

Only available in this 5 piece set.

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